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Wanderers are like angels
Global high-speed dedicated line network
High speed - Stable - Easy to use
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Faster and more concise
Crossing mountains and seas at once
Focus your attention on great endeavors instead of tedious configurations, making acceleration simpler and efficiency higher.

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Switch between list and board layout to view work from any angle.

Quick response

Switch between list and board lavout to view work from any angle.

Separate, more professional
Dual mode video game
Danggui Accelerator separates game and audiovisual modes, using patented edge node acceleration algorithms and bank level dedicated lines. Audio and video playback does not slow down, and can be opened in high-definition seconds; Game independent acceleration, low latency, no packet loss, more stable
Global deployment,
Be the closest accelerator to your home country
The global deployment based on financial dedicated lines spans four continents, covering 85% of the Earth's surface area, and the speed of light is the only system of speed. From Los Angeles to Beijing, a delay of 10055km and 120ms helps you navigate the battlefield.
Fast and stable, accelerating black technology
Low latency and ultra stability are essential
Self developed acceleration black technology, rejecting ineffective acceleration. The stability has been greatly improved, and the packet loss rate has been significantly reduced. Dynamic route allocation, intelligent selection of the optimal route, bringing you the ultimate acceleration experience.